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Which Night Vision for Hunting is Best For Me

Which Night Vision for Hunting is Best For Me?

There is a bewildering array of night vision devices available in New Zealand so which night vision is the best for you. That largely depends on budget, and intended use.

Dedicated Night Vision
We define dedicated as a night vision device that is permanently attached to the rifle. This usually takes the form of a riflescope type device that is either Digital or Thermal. Dedicated setups are generally reserved purely for night time use and not daytime use. Dedicated setups will often have a better image quality than clip on type devices.

Clip On Night Vision
This would be our most popular device. Clip-on night vision allows you to add night time functionality to a day time rifle. If you want to use a single rifle to do both day and night work, this is the way to go.

Thermal Night Vision
Thermal devices (either dedicated or clip on) rely on emitted IR. Thermal night vision is very good at detecting heat sources in adverse conditions and at much longer ranges than digital night vision. Thermal night vision of the quality that is useful for hunting will be considerably more expensive than digital night vision.

Digital Night Vision
Digital devices rely on reflected IR light from built in or separate illuminators. This light can either be near invisible 850NM or completely invisible 940NM wave length. 850NM is easier for the sensor to view and therefore allows greater distance and in many cases better image. These devices will provide a better resolution image than Thermal but be limited in range out to a few hundred metres.

Practical Applications
Many hunters are now using both thermal and digital when pursuing game. They will use a thermal handheld scanner to quickly assess whether there is game in a particular location, and if so then use either a digital clip on or digital riflescope’s increased resolution to identify and shoot the target.

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