Sytong XS03-25LRF Handheld Thermal and Sytong HT77 Night Vision Clip-On Combo


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Sytong XS03-25LRF Handheld Thermal and Sytong HT77 Night Vision Clip-On Combo

The Sytong HT77 Night Vision Clip-On, Sytong XS03-25LRF Handheld Thermal Combo is the ultimate complete night vision kit saving you dollars. We have often found customers like to use a thermal scanner to quickly find game and then a digital night vision optic to enable shooting it.


the Sytong HT-77 1x-3.5x Digital Night Vision Rear Clip-On is a light weight rear mounted night vision clip-on that allows you to quickly and easily convert your day scope into a state of the art night vision rifle scope. The HT-77 has a built in 5w 850NM illuminator.. The HT-77 also features an upgraded 5 megapixel Sony Starvis CMOS sensor with a resolution of 2608×1944

The large internal screen of the Sytong HT-77 Digital Night Vision Rear Clip-On produces a high resolution and clear image of your surroundings in full colour during daytime or switch to night mode.

The supplied collar attaches to the eyepiece of your scope and allows you to quickly attach and detach the unit as the shooting conditions change, without any shift in point of impact.


The Sytong XS03-25LRF Thermal Handheld Monocular With Rangefinder sets the standard for best value thermal handheld monocular available in New Zealand. The XS03-25LRF is Sytongs latest mini thermal handheld that features a 1200m laser range finder, external 18650 power source, sub 25mk NETD and in the smallest possible package size.

NETD: <25mk Pixel Size: 12 micron Resolution: 384×288 Objective: 25mm/F1.0 Mag: 2x Digital Zoom: 1x/2x/4x/6x/8x Power: 18650 / 3400mAh Battery, 4 hours Weight (without battery): 390g Video / Photo resolution: 1024×768 Max measuring Range 1200m Measuring Accuracy: +-1m Dimensions: 156x68x75mm


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