Sunwayfoto Pictainny Arca Adapter


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Sunwayfoto Pictainny Arca Adapter

Use the Sunwayfoto Pictainny Arca Adapter to convert a picatinny rail to Arca for easy attachment to an Arca ballhead on a tripod

T6061 main body material, elaborately CNC machined with type-III hard-anodized finish ensures it’s resistant to abrasion and corrosion;

Compact and light-weight, weighing only 2.3 oz. Built-in stop block to prevent the rail from sliding freely within the slot.

Base structure is compatible with both Arca and RRS dovetail, design of top works with NATO/Picatinny rails. Safety stop screws at both ends of the base to avoid accidental dropping from Arca or RRS ballhead clamps.

By using the NP-60 Picatinny Arca-Swiss Adapter to mount your rifle on tripod for stable shooting experience.


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