Sunwayfoto MLOK Arca Rail 240mm


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Sunwayfoto MLOK Arca Rail 240mm

Attach this Sunwayfoto MLOK Arca Rail 240mm to your MLOK compatible riflescope to allow mounting of your firearm to an Arca compatible tripod head.

Model: SMP-240
Mounting Thread:M5

T6061 Aluminum main body, elaborately CNC machined with type-III hard-anodized finish ensures it’s resistant to abrasion and corrosion; Screw and T-shaped screw are stainless steel.
Arca standard base dovetail, compatible with Arca tripod ballheads.
Can be mounted on M-LOK rail from the top and stabilized via two points.
By using the SMP-80,SMP-140,SMP-240 users can mount a rifle on tripod for stable shooting experience.


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