Infiray Xinfrared XH15 Thermal Monocular For Android Cellphones


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Infiray Xinfrared XH15 Thermal Monocular For Android Cellphones

Infiray Xinfrared XH15 Thermal Monocular For Android Cellphones, the world’s first tactical thermal imager, showcases Xinfrared’s leading position in the field of thermal imaging technology. One of its most remarkable highlights is its high sensitivity, reaching an astonishing 25mK, a benchmark that has left industry professionals in awe. XH15 can clearly display heat sources, maintaining excellent performance even in rainy or foggy weather, which greatly enhances its practicality for outdoor activities such as wilderness exploration and hunting.

In addition to its high sensitivity, XH15 also boasts the world’s highest frame rate, reaching an astounding 60Hz, a 20% improvement over traditional thermal imaging devices. This means that XH15 can more accurately capture fast-moving targets, providing users with more reliable information. Meanwhile, XH15 adopts both traditional FPGA processors and InfiRay’s self-developed AISC image processor, resulting in sharper, clearer images.


Type: uncooled
Resolution pixels: 384×288
Frame rate: 60 Hz
Pixels: 12μm
NETD: <25mK

Optical Characteristics
Focal Length: 15mm
Magnification: 2X
Continuous digital zoom: 2x-15x
FOV: 17.25°x13.04°

Physical Characteristics
Size: 26.2mm x 26.2mm x 31.5mm
Weight: <30g

Cellphone Compatibility: Android 6 and above


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