Arken Zulus ZHD312R HD 3-12x Digital Night Vision Scope with LRF and Ballistics


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Arken Zulus ZHD312R HD 3-12x Digital Night Vision Scope with LRF and Ballistics

We think the Arken Zulus ZHD312R is the best short range, wide field of view, digital night vision rifle scope currently available. The Arken Zulus ZHD312R uses the latest Sony Starvis 2 sensor at 60fps and 1080P (1920×1080) resolution. The Arken Zulus has set the standard for not only quality but price as well.

This version of the Arken Zulus, has a 1000m laser range finder and a ballistics computer. Use the Arken ballistics app to calculate ballistics and load the data onto your Zulus.

Equipped with the highly sensitive Sony Starvis 2 sensor and an integrated 5w 850nm or optional 940nm IR illuminator, the compact Arken Zulus ZHD312R has the best visual sensitivity to get a spot on targets in complete darkness.

Whether it is early morning, under bright sunshine, during twilight, or after midnight – Arken Zulus ZHD312R comes equipped with the latest sensor with better imaging and NIR (near infrared) performance. The Zulus is equipped with a 60hz 1920×1080 Micro-OLED screen, and has an IP67 waterproof rating to provide shooters with the best tool to engage targets in all lighting conditions.

Utilisation of Sony’s latest CMOS technology, ED glass lenses, cutting edge imaging algorithms and a world leading 60Hz 1920×1080 Micro OLED display ensures the Arken Zulus to be perfect for daytime use. Almost making your day optic obsolete.

The implementation of a novel adaptive noise reduction along with meticulously crafted sound chamber makes the Arken Zulus ZHD312R the best choice to record your entire hunting trip noise-free.

Built in Infrared illumination makes the Arken Zulus ZHD312R much lighter and easier to carry. No need to worry about fumbling with light activation.

With an overall length of under 200mm, the Arken Zulus ZHD312R compact design can easily fit right into your pocket. the lightweight optic weights jus 584g.


Resolution: 1920×180
Frame Rate: 60Hz
Video Record Resolution: 1920×1080

Digital Magnification: 3-12x
Eye Relief: 45mm
Diopter Adjustment: +- 5D
Detection Range: 400m

Type: Micro-OLED
Display Resolution: 1920×1080
Frame Rate 60Hz

Operating Time: 8 Hours
External Power Supply: 5v – Type C USB

Net Weight: 410g
Gross Weight (Battery, Mount, Eyepiece Protector):539g
Dimensions: 201mmx74mmx48mm
Micro TF Card: 32-128 (U1/C10) GB
Ingress Protection: IP67
WIFI / App: Support by Arken Optics
IR Wavelength: 850 /940nm
IR Power: 5W
Working Temperature: -20c – 50c


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