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Conotech Tracer 35LRF

An Exceptional Thermal Scanner, The Conotech Tracer 35LRF

If you are looking for a scanner that has it all then look no further than the Conotech Tracer 35LRF. So what makes this scanner stand out from anything else on the market? For starters the price of $2799. Add to that an integerated 1000 yard range finder. A NETD of less than 35mk (read about why NETD is important here), a germanium lens with a focal length of 35mm/F1.1, A Pixel pitch of 17μm and a thermal resolution of 384×288. And not to mention the price again … $2799.

Just to show how good value the Conotech Tracer 35LRF is we have tracked down some of the competition with current pricing that has similar specifications.

Pulsar Axion XQ38 Laser Rangefinder Thermal Imager. $4699
F38/1.2 lens and NETD less than 40MK don’t quite match the Tracers specs.

And that is pretty much the only competition on the market, for $900 more.

Rangefinders on thermals have become a very important addition. Some would say almost essential. It is very difficult to establish distance at night and Night Vision with a range finder greatly aids in identification and ballistics. Particularly in firearms where ballistics drop rapidly over a shorter distance such as rimfire.

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