Welcome to Night Vision New Zealand and thank you for taking an interest about us.

Night Vision NZ was born from the popularity of a couple of brands our company NZ Hunter Group Ltd imports as their distributor. In a short 4 month period sales of Sytong Night Vision and Conotech Thermals have gone through the roof. Based on this success NZ Hunter Group Ltd decided to set up a dedicated night vision retail and ecommerce outlet. With this new site we will educate customers about the benefits of night vision through our blog and help customers make educated decisions regarding night vision in a fast growing market. 

The NZ Hunter Group Ltd was started by the Rountree family back in 2009. From the early beginnings the company specialised in importing optics and firearms that weren’t previously available in New Zealand. Since then NZ Hunter Group has set up several specialised projects including Firearm Owners United back when firearm owners had no political representation, and  more recently the Firearm Dealer Network to help enable the transfer of private firearms around New Zealand.

Night Vision NZ will continually search out the best products and make these available to Kiwis looking to get into night time hunting.

Thank you for visiting Night Vision NZ

The Rountree Family.