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Sytong HT-77

A World First, The Sytong HT-77

We’ve been hinting about the arrival of the Sytong HT-77 for a while now. They have finally turned up in the office and Kiwis are the first in the world to receive these.

So what is so unique about the Sytong HT-77? Not only are kiwis the first to get their hands on these, but the Sytong HT-77 is the first Digital Night Vision Clip-On that has an integrated 1000 yard range finder.

The benefits of this system are very unique. You can use the HT-77 as a handheld scanner for 1x night vision. You can also use the HT-77 to not only view and record daytime hunting on your existing rifle scope but also night time hunting with the addition of a Sytong 8w 850nm or 940nm laser illuminator. And the integrated 1000m rangefinder provides you with that vital night time detail that no other add on device offers.

We have a decent quantity of the HT-77 but we are not expecting these to last long. Grab one here:

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